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iPads For Autism?

posted Jun 19, 2012, 12:30 PM by Dicia Kemp
iPads are quickly becoming the “go-to” communications device for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. Popular for its features and apps, it offers dynamic and cost-effective tools to both children and adults with autism. Join our speakers as they discuss how iPods, iPads, & apps can be useful learning, therapeutic, and leisure tools for individuals! Autism NOW, the National Autism and Resource and Information Center, currently just conducted a fantastic webinar called Apps For Autism: The Apps that can make a difference and why. The webinar guest prsenters were Shannon Des Roches Rosa and Corina Becker.
Shannon Des Roches Rosa is a nationally renowned autism and iPad advocate. She is Senior Editor at Thinking Person's Guide to Autism, and also writes about autism, parenting, and geekery at
Corina Becker is an autistic adult with a BA in English who is currently studying Disability Studies at Ryerson University. She is a writer and artist, and is a contributor to the Perspectives anthology. Corina has been sharing her experiences as an autistic since 2005, and is involved with the leadership of various Autism organizations, including the Autism Women’s Network, She writes No Stereotypes Here at, and publishes comics at She can also be found at
You can find a list of iPad Apps and resources for Autism on Shannon's website or follow this link: