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posted Aug 27, 2012, 2:52 PM by Dicia Kemp
Our director, Darla Stuart, received the following email with important information. A big thank Karen Harvey for providing this clarification. 

August 24, 2012

Hi Darla,

My name is Karen Harvey and I am the Program Manager of the Provider Support team here at Rocky Mountain Human Services (formerly Denver Options). Today I have received several calls from Developmental Pathways Independent Contractors saying that they received an email from the ARC of Aurora indicating that RMHS is open to contracting with them and instructing them to call Karen Drake at our office to start the process. This was probably meant to be me, as we do not have an employee here by that name.

I want to clarify our process for accepting the requests for contracts with D.P. providers. We are requiring that the initial request for a provider come from the customer and/or family of each customer who wishes to transfer their services to RMHS. This ensures that the decision is a customer choice and not the provider's decision, which may often be driven by the provider's economic or other needs. It is also important that someone here discuss with the customer/family all of the options available regarding transferring services and that they understand the potential outcomes of doing so. The RMHS contacts are as follows:

Customers receiving SLS services: Brenda Whitlow, 303-636-5776,
Customers receiving CES services: Anne McNally, 303- 636-5708,

Once Brenda or Anne have spoken to the customer/family and determine that they do in fact desire to receive all or part or their services through RMHS (through a contract with their current D.P. provider), then Brenda and Anne submit a contract request to our Contracts Administrator who will then contact the provider and begin the contract process.

It would be helpful if you would send a clarification email to those who received your initial email, so that we avoid delays for people who wish information about transferring services to us. Also, to avoid frustrating the providers who will call me to find that not only do they not start with me, but that I am now on vacation until September 4th.

If you have questions or would like to speak to me directly, I will return on the 4th. Feel free to also contact Brenda or Anne if you have questions.

Thank you,

Karen Harvey | Rocky Mountain Human Services (formerly Denver Options)
Program Manager | Provider Support Team | Managed Services
303-636-5890 | 303-636-5690 |
9900 E. Iliff Ave. | Denver, CO 80231