The Arc of Aurora does not receive funds from the state or federal government to provide advocacy. All the money that supports our work is privately donated. We work for each individual we serve with his/her consent. The Arc of Aurora works hard to make sure you get what you need from the systems that are paid to provide it!

We ask that you help support us through annual membership, donations and volunteer work — Together we make a Powerful Team.

The Food Bank at The Arc of Aurora assists families and individuals with developmental disabilities facing hunger and food insecurity. For some people the Pantry helps them weather an emergency; for others; Food Bank; offers regular supplemental food that allows them to make ends meet without sacrificing their family’s health and nutrition.

We would welcome your nonperishable goods (i.e. canned food, pasta, baby formula) and hygiene items (i.e. shampoo/conditioner, soap, baby diapers). You can contact either Jean or Kristen Blackwell regarding donations at 720.213.1420.